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A medical check-up will give the standing of the status of your health. Many common disease such as Hypertension, diabetes, myocardial isquemia, certain types of cancer, many types of heart and lung diseas, can be diagnosed. An accurate diagnosis is a very complex subject. It takes not only the technology but also the experience, the medical intuition, the patient physician's dedication to perfoming the tests and studying them carefully. Much more so in this "modern times" where health is considered an industry and people are treated as numbers, that require the least of time. It comes as no surprise that such a behaviour can bring so many unfortunate "medical mishappenings", related to careless, overworked medical personnel, confusion with data, technological malfunction, and last dishonest medical attitude.

At IPPA we started working over 36 years ago and there has been a constant drive to improve not only the medical facilities, but the complete understanding of men, women, children, elderly in their disease, organic and psychological function. Thousands have benefited from our conservative yet highly positive and frutiful diagnosis and treatment of illness, within our area of expertise.

You can trust us in our most sincere, highly trained, experienced, rational, dedicated attention to your particular case.

We are world-known specialists in treating high altitude medical problems, with countless participation in world congresses around the world. We have received a great number of consultations from around the world.

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