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Prof. Dr. Gustavo Zubieta-Castillo M.D. MBAS, MRAE

A specialist in High Altitude & Physiology as well as Internal Medicine, Dr. Zubieta is the President of the High Altitude Pathology Institute, in La Paz. A graduate of the Universidad Mayor de San Andres School of Medicine in Bolivia, Dr. Zubieta received additional training at the National Institutes of Health in the USA. Dr. Zubieta is a frequent lecturer on issues in the field of high altitude medicine and is a Visiting Professor at Tulane University, Louisiana, USA. His work on High Altitude Medicine was featured in the April, 1987 edition of National Geographic magazine. His curriculum is extense. A member of the Bolivian Academy of Sciences and the Bolivian Academy of Literature. Read here some of his literary work, and also see some of his oil paintings.


Gustavo Zubieta-Calleja


Prof. Dr. Gustavo Zubieta-Calleja, M.D.
Physician and Bio-engineer

Pulmonary function specialist in charge of the pulmonary function department and Color Doppler Echocardiography. He developed nearly all our high technology, including the software and a lot of the hardware. He is currently visiting Professor at the Univ of Copenhagen and is publishing jointly with Prof. Poul-Erik Paulev scientific articles regarding medical altitude problems in presigious scientific journals. He has developed all the web pages that you are now visiting. Every 3 months he travels to Bolivia to collaborate in the research and perform patient consultations and above all implement new technology, placing IPPA on the leading edge in high altitude medicine around the world.

Luis Zubieta


Dr. Luis Zubieta-Calleja, M.D.
Physician in charge of check-upa snd laboratory

He is the physician who runs the check-ups. He is a multiple specialist, that practices many exams personally, including the consultations, x-rays, electrocardiograms, arterial blood gases. He also actively contributes to improve the Clinic's decoration and supervises the material adquisition being very strict with quality control. He participates in the scientific publications helping with the manuscripts.




Dr. Rosayda Bersatti, M.D.

She is an ultra-specialist in counseling, family orientation, behaviour, depression, and sexual orientation. She has multiple profesional degrees in Universities in USA, England, Spain and Bolivia. She attends conferences aroudn the world. She has been pioneer in web tele-conferences with Universities in the USA. She provides psicological support to our patients, that is highly effective .


Clotilde Calleja


Clotilde Calleja

She received her education and training in the Republic of Argentina and has since then been working as a nutricionist advisor in our clinic. She closely coordinates her treatments with the diagnosis of different diseases. Her work and great experience is fundamental in the treament of overweight, which she focuses on a high protein diet, making the diet not only easy and tolerable but also easy and satisfying. She also runs the diet hygiene advisory department and gives the best counsel for a healthy gastro-intestinal function.


Nancy de Ardaya


Nancy Zubieta
Biotechnologa y Abogado

She runs the biochemistry laboratory practicing blood and urine tests along with microcopic studies, specdial tests, protein electrophoresis and others. She also runs the legal department of the Clinic.


Gustavo Ardaya


Dr. Gustavo Ardaya
Medico Residente

Our young medical resident is a many of multiple talents in science, art and music. He is currently on a temporary leave (3 months) working in the Bolivian Chaco, Villamontes, as a physician. He will return on Dec 2006. He collects instruments from different parts of the world and plays them with extraordinary ability. Among them, piano, electric and acustic guitar and base, organ, acordeon, flute, japanese flute, ciolin, chinese and japanese violins, Indian Sitar and many others.


Andrei Bersatti


Andrei Bersatti
Technological Advisor

An MS in computer science that graduated from Georgia Tech. He is an advisor and provides valuable information regarding some technological aspects of the clinic.

Katia Ardaya


Katia Ardaya

She has collaborated with design of some logos. She is a specialist in design and advertisement. She works fundamentally with Macs and also is proficient with photography

Lucrecia De Urioste


Lucrecia De Urioste Limariño
International relations

Since over 16 years we have had her support and collaboration. She handled administrative tasks initially and later has continued building bridges with our international scientific contacts all over the world.

Prof. Paulev

Prof. Dr. Poul-Erik Paulev
Medical Consultant

He is consulted for his invaluable medical opinion regarding certain cases. An on-line webcam consultation with him directly and live to Copenhagen Denmark is performed. He has worked extensively and has world-wide medical experience for over 50 years of medical practice and teaching physiology at the University of Copenhagen.


Natalia Zubieta


Natalia Zubieta De Urioste
Administration assistant

Last but not the least, she helps with every possible event and is always there to give a hand, suggest new ideas, collaborate with the artistic handling of all our cientific activities. She also contributes with ideas and suggestions for the web page, as she handles colors and is very proficient in drawing.


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