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Oct 8 - 15 , 2016     La Paz - Bolivia


Dedicated to the late Prof. Dr. Gustavo Zubieta-Castillo

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First Symposium Follow-up

Second Symposium Follow-up



Early registration: July 30
Abstract Submit:   Sept 1

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Welcome message

Post-II Symposium follow-up

From the organizers of the

First World Congress on High Altitude Medicine and Physiology

and the

First Symposium on the Effect of Chronic Hypoxia on Diseases at High Altitude in Bolivia

Second Symposium on the Effect of Chronic Hypoxia on Diseases at High Altitude in Bolivia

Third Symposium on the Effect of Chronic Hypoxia on Diseases at High Altitude

Fourth International Symposium on Chronic Hypoxia and Global Hypoxia Summit in India

High Altitude Pulmonary % Pathology Institute
Zubieta University


Adaptation and acclimatization to high altitude

Children and aging at aigh altitude

Football and other sports at high altitude

Respiratory Disease

Antioxidants and health at high altitude

Chronic Mountain Sickness

or rather Polyerythrocythemia

Adaptation to extreme hypoxia

Nutrition at high altitude

Metabolic systems at high altitude

Genes at high altitude

Changing physiology at high altitude

Treatment protocol at high altitude

Congenital cardiopathies at high altitude

Pulmonary Hypertension and high altitude

Other high altitude diseases



HAPE X-rays

Sajama Mountain

Mt. Sajama 6542m where the soccer game was played.

Futbol Sajama



A beautiful colorful land with extraordinary mountains, valleys and amazon.

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Once more we are proud to invite you to a friendly ¨itinerant¨ and relaxed scientific and culture gathering in Bolivia with visits to different cities and conferences that will begin in the city of La Paz, the World Capital of Hypoxia and the Shrine of Hypoxia Scientists, and continue in Tiahuanacu (Pre-Inca ruins), the Titicaca Lake (The highest navigable lake in the world), Chacaltaya and finally the World famous Salt Lakes in Bolivia.

The conferences take place in different locations so that the attendees will be able to appreciate life at high altitude and pose themselves a new focus of chronic hypoxia. Different disciplines apparently not related to chronic hypoxia can find outstanding stimulus and innovative concepts in these unique chronic hypoxia environments.

Latest news

Prof. Thuppil Venkatesh President of the International Society of Chronic Hypoxia will give to the best two posters a 100 US$ award each. .

The students of the UniFranz Medical School will participate with their SOCEM-UPFT (Sociedad Cientifica de Estudiantes de Medicina) and present posters.

The Hospital Los Pinos under the direction of Dr. Daniela Quiroga will participate actively with its physicians. We welcome their presence.

The Colegio Medico de La Paz with its President Dr. Luis Larrea Garcia is participating giving its Institutional support.

We will also have teleconferencing through the web, so you are welcome to register and also send your abstract for presentation on-line from your own lab, during our symposium.

Comments by Dr. Serguei Stroev after his attendance to Symposium2 (as published in his PhD thesis "The Role of Endogenous Protein Antioxidants in Neuronal Adaptation to Hypobaric Hypoxia" University of Tampere, School of Medicine Finland. I.P. Pavlov Institute of Physiology of RAS

"My sincere thanks to Professor Gustavo Zubieta-Castillo (Sr.), Professor Gustavo R. Zubieta-Calleja and to the entire Zubieta family for organizing the wonderful Chronic Hypoxia Symposium in August 2008 in La Paz and for the warm, hearty welcome that they have given us. It was one of the most memorable and successful scientific conferences of my life, and it provided me with rich opportunities for fruitful discussions and to establish useful contacts with colleagues from all around the world in an unforgettable and friendly atmosphere."

Please visit the International Society of Chronic Hypoxia website. the time has come for a boost of our activities worldwide. We welcome you to join in this new and exciting venture in the high lands of the world. It is made up of Physicians, PhD scientists and others who share a common interest in the physiology, pathology and treatment of high altitude medical conditions of a chronic hypoxic etiology.  We span the continents of Europe, Asia ,  North and South America,  and Australia.  Our members are located in countries such as India, Russia, Denmark, Canada, USA, Bolivia, Peru, Australia, Czech Republic,  France, Netherlands and Italy. 

We have many distinguished colleagues from around the globe who have expressed their wish to participate in this symposium!! There is also a lot of news that can be accessed by clicking here:


   contact: zubieta@altitudeclinic.com