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                               Aug 6 - 11, 2014    La Paz - Bolivia

High Altitude Pathology
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Welcome !!!    Bienvenidos !!!!

It is, indeed, a great pleasure to welcome you to this Fifth Chronic Hypoxia Symposium that brings together not only great scientists but also good men, with principles of morale, justice, equality and with passion for their work. La Paz, now also called, in the scientific environment, the capital city of hypoxia of the world and the shrine of hypoxia scientists, welcomes you with open arms.  Your presence will help provide our poverty stricken populations with better health, and hence  happier lives. It will fill with beautiful colors the canvas of life in the mountains.

This symposium will be "itinerant" which stands for continued conferences in the places we visit. You will not only see the Tiahunacu millenary ruins, the sacred Titicaca lake, Chacaltaya at 5300 m and end with a flight to the Salt Lakes. You will also see how people live normal lives at this altitude in spite of poverty and lack of resources, showing the strength of nature in order to adapt and survive. Likewise you will observe that high altitude is quite tolerable and perhaps a healthier place to live in.

And we will definitely have interesting discussions as we usually do at our meetings. We are not slaves of time frames but free thinkers! (when free time is available).

Our last meeting in India was a success. Lets enjoy this new adventure together!

Our arms are open, you are our guest and we are proud of it!!!

Prof. Dr. Gustavo Zubieta-Calleja


The Uyuni Salt Lake

   contact: zubieta@altitudeclinic.com