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P-E Paulev Autobiography
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This high altitude laboratory was created in order to promote scientific research in the area of high altitude diving. Bolivia, due to its extraordinary high altitude location, provides the natural laboratories for high altitude research. Sport diving at high altitude is increasing and to lower the risks of suffering from decompression sickness, Prof. Paulev and Prof. Zubieta-Calleja studied the optimal decompression tables to be used while diving in Lake Titicaca at 3800 m above sea level. Nevertheless, the theory exposed to correction of sea level diving tables to high altitude applies to any altitude and is therefor possible to calculate tables for any high altitude dive.

We welcome the presence of young scientists and researchers that want to further collaborate in the study and search for practical solutions to high altitude diving. Zubieta University and the High Altitude Pathology Insitute have research programs that candidates to medical degrees, masters or PhD. can access in order to carry out their research at high altitude. These programs are flexible and adapt to the needs of the students.

Prof. Paulev, a most prestigious physiologist from the University of Copenhagen is keen to collaborate scientifically in these programs.