Mission Statement

The High Altitude Pulmonary and Pathology Institute’s mission is to provide health care to high altitude visitors and residents, through clinical care, research, teaching and learning.

The AltitudeClinic provides a unique environment for high altitude patients with efficient fast diagnosis of high altitude diseases and its immediate treatment thereby allowing travelers to enjoy their trip. and likewise gives worldwide advice on hgih altitude medicine improving the life of millions of people around the globe.

Our goals are:

  • to receive phone calls with high altitude medical problems, welcome the patients, diagnose their illness and treat them promptly.
  • to foster excellence in our medical care, research, professionalism and service
  • to perform medical tests fast, efficiently in order to find prompt solutions to life saving problems at high altitude.
  • to be an institution that excels by its accomplishments in our home community, La Paz, as well as in the nation and the world

To this end we intend:

  • to judge ourselves by the most exacting standards
  • to attract medical people and students of great ability from diverse backgrounds
  • to encourage a new way of medical care
  • to provide an exemplary, pragmatical and responsive environment for medical care, teaching, learning and working for present and future generations
  • to focus on meaningful measurable results for all of our endeavors

Mission statement approved by the Directors Feb 28, 2016 and approved by the Board of Trustees March 14, 2016